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Friday, January 01, 2010
A New Year - What Changes?

Besides the calendar, what is changing today? Many (including myself) are making new resolutions. Are these decisions different from last year? If not, what is changing on how these decisions are implemented?

I ask because it seems that there are many arbitrary lines of demarcation like a new year. I can get cynical about the ritual, having looked back at prior years and how these resolutions have fizzled by mid-March. On the other hand, they can have the effect of driving us to reevaluate and set priorities. As long as this is done intentionally, purposefully, and with the proper priorities, I see this as a good thing. And being cynical for too long is not productive.

Two quotes help in seeing this as good instead of being jaded about New Year's Resolutions:

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

"Why?" - My Children

Happy New Year everyone!


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Saturday, December 05, 2009
Dreifuss Family 2009 Christmas Letter

Greetings! We hope this season is providing you and your family the opportunity to pause and reflect.

Here's what 2009 brought to the Dreifuss clan Ö

    • A new chapter in Loganís growth and health

    We have been blessed to be near the UNC Childrenís Hospital and to have a wonderful GI, allergy and endocrine specialists who are helping us figure out his growth and food allergies.

    • A new church family

    In June, we joined Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and have really drunk deeply from the solid Biblical teaching and intimate fellowship.

    • The loss of our third child

    This year, we suffered a difficult miscarriage with complications. We choose daily to celebrate the gift of life. We gave our little one a name, Eleanor (ďEllieĒ), so that we remember Godís hand in both giving and taking.

    Emily has been quite a busy bee. She draws on every piece of paper she can find. Most of the time, there are fairies, pretty ladies, and castles. Her creativity even spilled over in to hair design when she chopped off most of her hair in September. She loves pens, Barbies, and FarmVille (on Facebook). She has transitioned into 1st grade and its been a joy to see her reading and starting to write for herself.

    Loganís personality has continued to come out this year with his verbal side exploding. Last night we found him dressed in his pirate hat, flannel pjs, and snow boots with a pack of dinosaurs on his back ready for an adventure Ö at 9:30pm. He keeps us laughing all the time and is a bundle of energy.

    Bert has been continuing to work at FM:Systems, celebrating his 10th year in the Spring. He has continued to participate in Menís Bible Studies meeting on Friday mornings.

    Life has doled out a year of transition and learning this year for Meg. Most of the year has been focused on health and rest. Learning a new pace for life has been challenging and at the same time, rewarding.

    Next year already promises to be exciting Ė with trips, family weddings, etc.

    This is our prayer for you and yours this Christmas Ö.

    ďNow may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word. ď 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!!

  • Bert, Meg, Emily and Logan Dreifuss

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Monday, November 30, 2009
Christmas Letter Coming Soon

We apologize for the delay. Check back in a few more days for the Dreifuss family Christmas letter.
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Monday, July 14, 2008
Not My Son

After walking into Sears on Friday night, we ran into a family we know from church. They have a 3-year-old boy. Instantly, my 4-year-old daughter and 2yo son began to treat the Ladies' Intimates section as their personal playground. After several attempts to corral them, I finally called an end to it. I lifted my boy and called my little girl to come along to our appointed task.

As Meg and I were riding the escalator to the large appliances, I issued a decree:

That is the last time my son will be seen running around in Women's Underwear!
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Thursday, May 08, 2008
Welcome to the Silence


Hi. Welcome To The Silence. Life Is So Loud Sometimes And Just Being Still Even For A Few Minutes Can Powerfully Rearrange Everything Thatís Assaulting Our Minds And Our Hearts. Especially When God Is In View. After All Heís The One Who Said Be Still And Know That I Am God.

So Weíve Turned The Volume Down As We Start What We Hope Will Be A Beautiful And Raucous Night In The Hopes That The Things We Need To Hear Most Will Become Really Really Loud.

God Knows Who You Are. Where You Are. And He Knows What You Need In This Moment. He Is Not Looking At A Massive Crowd But The Eyes Of The One Who So Easily Spoke Galaxies Into Their Places Are Looking Right At You. Amazingly He Knows Your Name And The Color He Painted Your Eyes. And He Knows What Makes You Laugh And What Makes You Cry. He Is Not Distracted By What You Think About Him. Or What You Want Him To Think About You. He Knows What He Thinks About You And How He Feels. And He Wants To Say Something To You In The Silence.

I Love You.

Let That Sink Into The Silence And The Stillness And The Soil Of Your Heart.

God Loves You. Oh Donít Believe The Words On The Screen Or The Words Of Somebody. You Donít Have To Take It From A Third Party. No. The Father Has Spoken Directly To You. The God Of All Creation Is Engaging You In A Pretty Stunning Conversation. And As Is Always The Case God Is Speaking First. Not Waiting For Your Proposal Or Assessment Of Where You Feel You Are. Or If Youíll Ever Be As Amazing As Something Deep Inside Tells You That You Were Meant To Be. He Isnít Waiting To Hear About All Your Screw Ups Or Your Great Deeds To Make It Up. No God Is Eager To Share His Take On You.

Here It Is.

Mess Up.
Deeply Loved.

Both Are True And Both Things Set Him In Motion Shaping History With A Story Fueled By Unstoppable Grace. You See God Was Not Shut Down By Our Failure. Nor Did The Consequences Of Our Rebellion Dim His Beautiful Heart Of Love. No We Were The Ones Shut Down When Sin Caused Our Souls To Die. And Die We Did. Itís Bad News Death.
Because Dead People Canít See. Canít Breathe. Canít Help Themselves. Dead People Canít Do Anything. That Is Why They Call Him Savior. When We Were Dead And Could Not Touch God Jesus Came Down And Touched Us. It Is The Most Phenomenal Thing That Has Or Will Ever Happen To You And Me. Divinity Rushing Into Humanity. God In Skin Marching Steadily To The Beat Of His Own Love. And Nothing And No One Could Alter His Course.

Itís True.

We Were A Mess.
Yet We Were Deeply Loved.

Because Of Our Mess His Embrace Would Demand A Cost Beyond Compare. Because Love Was Accompanied By Justice And Justice Demanded Someone Cover Our Debt Of Sin And Shame Someone Would Have To Stand In Our Place And Pay Our Fee. Someone Would Have To Come To Our Aid.

Even If We Wanted To Pay Off The Price Required By Our Mistakes It Could Not Be So. Dead Men Cannot Stand Up For Themselves. So Another Would Have To Take Our Blows And Swallow The Death Our Sins Deserved. But Who Could Do That For Us. It Couldnít Be Just Anyone. Because If The Price To Be Offered Was Death The Price Would Have To Be Exacted From Someone Who Was Alive. Yet The Whole World Was Dead In Darkness Until A Miracle Happened And A Light Shone Above And In A Manger.

In The Night The Hope Of Us All Was Born Alive. The Only One Ever Born Alive. And The Only One To Live A Spotless Life Of Pure Faith In God. So On The Friday We Call Good Jesus Was The Only One At The Cross Who Could Possibly Die. Because He Was The Only Living Soul On Planet Earth. Hallelujah. Jesus Was Alive When Godís Love Drove The Nails Our Sin Screamed Out For Into His Hands And Feet. Nails Of Love Punctured Flesh As Blood So Precious Streamed Down To The Ground. A Puddle Of Incomprehensible Love Soaking Into The Soil.

His Innocence Now Gone He Gasped And Cried. Purity Now Covered In Muck And Shame. And When The Sun Fully Scorched The Beautiful Bloom Of Grace Jesus Could No Longer Suck In Enough Air To Breathe. And Finally His Heart Stopped Beating.

In An Instant All Hell Broke Lose And Darkness Covered The Moment As His Lifeless Mangled Body Hung For All The World To See. Godís Undeniable Expression.

I Love You.

His Death Shocked Everyone In Heaven And Hell. Everyone Except His Father Who Was On A Mission Of Love And Saw This Day Coming From Before There Was Time. But All Else Missed It. Thatís Why Some Wept In Disbelief As Others Exuberantly Shouted Death Has Won.

The Darkness Threw A Party. But As It Turned Out Hell Partied Too Soon. Godís Story Was Just Getting Interesting As He Spoke To His Son. Rise Up Son I Love. Rise Up Oh My Son.

From The Clasp Of Death Christ Rose. His Father Exhaling Glorious Breath And Neverending Life Into His Lungs. So Tonight We Will Throw The Party And Invite The World To Come. Because Our God Is Mighty To Save. And The Christ We Celebrate Has Overwhelmed The Grave.

He Is Here Now. This Same Jesus Is Here Now. Offering His Life To All Men. To You. Not You Trying To Live A Better Life. But Christ Living His Life Inside Of You. If You Want A Big Theological Word Itís Called Incarnation. It You Need A Simpler Word Itís Called The Gospel Of Grace. Christ In You The Hope Of Glory.

I Donít Know What The Loudness Has Been Pumping Into Your Heart And Brain. I Donít Know If Youíve Been Dragged Into The Depths Of Despair Or If Your Standing On The Deceptive Heights Of Your Own Doing. But In The Stillness Hear This. A Miraculous Offer Is On The Table. Godís Love For You Moved Christ To Take Your Blows So That Now In Him You Can Stand Forgiven And Alive.

And Thereís More. Christ Lives To Be In You What You Alone Could Never Be.

Say Yes.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Knock, Knock

Who's there?
Ben who?
Ben way too long since I updated this site.

When life slows down (ha), maybe I'll post some more.

In the meantime, here's a great blog:

Of First Importance
2:31 AM :: link ::

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Same Old Fight, New Perspective

I still find it a wonder when I read something that has direct application to what is going on in my life. I "happened" upon this article today, which I find extremely encouraging and helpful for my early morning fight.

Early Morning Spiritual Battles from Sovereign Grace Ministries
3:44 PM :: link ::
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